File-X-Fer Main File-X-Fer is a program to send and receive data through the serial port of a Palm. It is licensed under the GPL .

Each received file can be named, assigned a date and sorted into a category and of course be send again. File-X-Fer was intended to be used with the CicloSport(R) HAC4 bike computer to make backup copies on the road but it should work with any kind of data.

File-X-Fer was superseded by TourViewer and is no longer being maintained.


  • Transfer binary files
  • Supports speeds up to 57.600 baud
  • Assign filenames and creation date and time
  • Receive files as large as the avaliable memory


  • Palm OS 2.0 or higher


Due to the changes in the database format you must delete any previous version before installation ! Installation is straight forward, just transfer filexfer.prc to your Palm and run File-X-Fer.


The preferences dialog...
... and the file details dialog.