TourViewer is a program to evaluate CicloSport (C) HAC4 files received through the serial interface. TourViewer is licensed under the GPL .

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Important notice : TourViewer version prior to 1.1.0 show an error on launch under Palm OS5 . Palm OS5 does not load the serial library during start up as older versions used to. Therefore an error message is displayed when TourViewer is launched: "Can not load serial library." To solve the problem you can either install the latest TourViewer release or install Load Serial Library .

Thanks to Ulrich Riepert for this tip.


Only serial connections are supported. HAC4 devices with USB are not supported.

  • Receive and send files
  • Name and categorize files
  • Sorted list of tours
  • File info
  • Tour statistics
  • Graph of tour data over time or distance
  • Table with tour data
  • Tour marks
  • Pulse range


  • Palm OS 2.0 or higher
  • 46 kb free memory
  • (32 kb free memory for each received HAC4 file)


  • CicloSport(C) HAC4 or CM414M
  • Serial Interface
  • Palm modem cabel (and serial 9 to 25 pin adapter)