Push <Receive> on the main form and start the transfer on your CCHAC4 (UR 4 secs., UR until PC appers, UL + LL to start transfer). If the transfer is successful a new file named Unnamed will appear in the list and be marked with a checkmark. Otherwise a dialog box will be shown stating the checksum was wrong.

Now you can select in the list at the bottom, if you want to edit the file name and category ( Show file ) or show the tours contained in the file ( Show tours ) or you can delete the file ( Delete ). Tap on the file to execute the selected action.

The file dialog enables you to send the file again to your CCHAC4 desktop software. Just stick your palm in the cradle, select the apropriate com port and push <Send>. This way you can make backup copies of your CCHAC4 on the road and evaluate them later at home.

If you decide to show the tours, it will take a moment until the Palm has scanned through the file, and a list of all tours in the selected file will apear. The list is sorted by date. You can reverse the sort order by pushing the arrow button in the top right corner.

Select a tour to show statistics (depending on the length of the tour this might take a while). Use the pop-up list to select the kind of statistic you want to see.

If you press table, a list with all data (time, distance, altititude, pulse, speed, cadence, temperature) will apear on the screen. Use the buttons in the lower right corner and the scrollbar to navigate. If you access large files, scrolling maybe slow.

The graph button will show a graph of the selected kind of data.