TourViewer CHANGES file

0.1.0  2000-04-29  start of development

0.2.2  2000-06-02  first release

 * fixed some bugs
 * improved online help
 * improved graphic
 * added mutible language support
 * added german version

1.0.0  2001-05-09  second release

 * improved tour scan
 * added tour scrolling
 * added info buttons and removed common menu
 * added zoom to graph form
 * added TourDiary and note stuff
 * improved graph form
 * repaired sorting
 * improved diary interfax
 * made CM414M work again 
 * fixed total altitude bug
 * fixed time display bug
 * fixed negative temperature bug in graph form
 * fixed wait message bug
 * changed look of help buttons
 * added maximum width for form titles
 * new prc-tools properties to Makefile
 * added bike2 mode
 * switched to prc tools 2.0 and sdk 3.5
 * added -lcrt to workaround 32k jump limit
 * added perimeter and bike name support (Wolfram Endemann)
 * added min and max option to graph form (Wolfram Endemann)
 * tweaked parts of the UI
 * added scroll button support
 * fixed crash on PalmOS 1.0
 * added missing translation strings
 * changed "Run" to "Jogging"
 * year of tour is no calculated by file date
 * fixed travel time > 100 bug
 * fixed sort order after sync bug
 * fixed marker dialog bug

1.1.0	2003-12-14	  bug fix release

 * fixed cosmetic bug in marker dialog
 * fixed file offset corruption bug
 * added code to load serial library to fix problems with recent
   PalmOS versions

1.2		2005-09-07    third major release

 * changed order of zoom buttons
 * added support to graph over distance
 * fixed altitude increament and decreament to match HACTronic
 * dropped last digit from version numbering scheme